MedGyn is humbled and honored to be working with Dr. Patricia Gordon and CCC on treating women with cervical cancer worldwide. May, 2016

Dr. Patricia Gordon has worked tirelessly to treat women in impoverished countries with cervical cancer using the MedGyn Cryotherapy System. She has set up “see and treat” clinics around the world using MedGyn’s Cryotherapy.
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MedGyn is proud to be working with Bulamu Healthcare (NGO) on treating women with cervical cancer in Uganda May, 2016

Dr. Victoria Mui is shown in video treating women in Uganda with the MedGyn Cryotherapy System. Through the efforts of Bulamu Healthcare, MedGyn’s Cryotherapy was accessible to women in need in Uganda.
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CCC opens new “see and treat” clinics in Vietnam using MedGyn Cryotherapy December, 2015

CCC in Vietnam New “see and treat” centers were opened by Cure Cervical Cancer (CCC) in Vietnam. 15 medical professionals were trained on the MedGyn Cryotherapy System and over 2,500 women were treated! MedGyn is proud to be working with CCC to treat cervical cancer worldwide.

MedGyn honored to partner with Go Doc Go to develop cervical cancer program in Ethiopia November, 2015

Dr. Maggie Carpenter and team established cervical cancer programs in Ethiopia which screened and treated over 1,000 women using the MedGyn Cryotherapy System. MedGyn is honored to work with Go Doc Go and other NGOs to promote women’s health worldwide.
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U.S. Department of Commerce Healthcare Delegates from CIS visit MedGyn October, 2015

CIS countries visit U.S. Department of Commerce healthcare delegates from CIS countries visited MedGyn headquarters to learn about the product line in women’s health. Delegates included physicians, hospital administrators, and distributors all of whom have a significant impact in bringing innovative medical devices to their countries. Medgyn was honored to host the delegates to improve women’s health in their region.

CCC opens 11 new clinics in Haiti using MedGyn Cryotherapy System August, 2015

11 new clinics in Haiti 11 new "see and treat" centers were opened by Cure Cervical Cancer (CCC) in Haiti. 22 medical professionals were trained on the MedGyn Cryotherapy System. Haiti is noted as having the highest number of reported cases of cervical cancer in the world. Medgyn was honored to be part of the CCC missions in improving women's healthcare worldwide.

MedGyn Visits China with Cure Cervical Cancer May, 2015

MedGyn visits China MedGyn partnered with Cure Cervical Cancer on a mission to certify 45 Chinese gynecologists in MedGyn Cryotherapy and screen and treat nearly 300 patients for precancerous cervical lesions. The team visited and lectured physicians in Guangzhou, Kunming, Hekou, Shiping, and Lianyungang, China. MedGyn was honored to be part of the mission with CCC Founding Director Dr. Patricia Gordon and Medical Director Dr. Jennifer Lang.

Now Introducing, MedGyn's Endosampler II! April, 2015

Same technology as the Endosampler , only better! Our new Endosampler II™ is designed with two suction holes at tip for larger sampling size of tissue and reduce the force of suction for better comfort.
Press Release here.

Medical study on MedGyn's Endosampler April, 2015

With the increase use of Endometrial biopsy devices like Medgyn's Endosampler, this study was performed on random trail in a outpatient clinic. The study found Medgyn's Endosampler to obtain substantially lower insertion rates compared to other sampling devices, which positively reflects the efficiency of Medgyn's Endosampler.
Read Study here.

IMEC visits MedGyn for The Genesis Movement's Illinois Manufacturing Tour! March, 2015

Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center, IMEC, visited MedGyn Products as part of The Genesis Movement's Illinois Manufacturing Tour. The Genesis Movement was launched to strengthen the Illinois manufacturing sector and its workforce by the Chicagoland Workforce Funder Alliance, who is supported by funders such as Hitachi Foundation, who was also part of the tour! The members of the Genesis Movement were able to tour Medgyn and experienced our step-by-step manufacturing and production process. We were very honored to be able to share our efforts and look forward to working with The Genesis Movement.

100 mothers hear their child’s heartbeat for the first time March, 2015

100 mothers hear their child’s heartbeat for the first time Thomazeau, Haiti, a town with limited healthcare, was provided Medgyn's dopplers by Dr. Whitney Mascorro of Hendrick Health, who wanted to train local aids and provide better prenatal doppler testing. And now, thanks to our Doppler, hundreds of women were tested and were gifted with the sound of their child's heartbeat.
”MedGyn Products has been providing prenatal dopplers to the international Obstetrics community for over twenty years. The company is committed to reducing fetal demise and morbidity with its high quality obstetrics products that have become the international standard for Obstetricians the world over. ”

MedGyn Celebrates 40 Years!

February, 2015 MedGyn Products proudly celebrates 40 years! MedGyn opened its doors in 1975 with only a few products, now Medgyn supplies a full range of products that focus on various therapies. Learn more about Medgyn's history and its future goals here.

CureCervicalCancer Team Treats over 175 women in Kenya using MedGyn's Cryotherapy System.

November, 2014 In a week and a half in Kenya, we screened 910 women and treated 176 positive cases (19.3% of women) with cryotherapy! This was by far the highest percentage of positively tested women for precancerous lesions CCC has ever encountered, thereby making this program even more imperative to the region. Read the News Letter here.

MedGyn Products wins Exporter of the Year at 2014 Governor's Export Awards

October 2014 The 2014 Illinois Governor’s Export Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in the export of Illinois goods and services around the globe. Read the Press Release here.

SOGC chief executive officer discusses pap smear as preventative measure against cervical cancer

March 2014 The CEO of the SOGC talked about measures that can be taken to prevent HPV and cervical cancer. Read the full article here.

MedGyn Endosampler used in case control study on mRNA expression in women with recurrent pregnancy loss.

October 2014 MedGyn Endosampler was used to determine the expression patterns of prokineticin 1 (PROK1) and leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) in normal fertile women with idiopathic recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). Read the full abstract here.

SOGC releases clinical practice guidelines for cerclage pessary

December 2013 An SOGC Clinical Practice Guideline published in December 2013 provides a framework that clinicians can use to determine which women are at greatest risk of having cervical insufficiency and in which set of circumstances a cerclage is of potential value. Read the full guidelines here.

Study obtains quantitative parameter which can predict fertility of patient

September 2013 A study estimated the cut-off of microvascular density determinative of good endometrial receptivity that can predict the fertility of the patient and be used as a prognostic marker in infertile patients, particularly in developing countries. Read the article here

MedGyn IUI used in Johns Hopkins study aiming to determine good biological marker for conception

August 2013 A Johns Hopkins School of Medicine study used the MedGyn Intrauterine Catheter in aiming to detect biological markers of intercourse. Read the article here

Study demonstrates the ability of metalloestrogen cadmium to induce the proliferation of stromal cells derived from the eutopic endometrium of women with endometriosis

May 2013 A study found that at 48 hours, Cd-induced endometrial stromal cell proliferation was higher in women with endometriosis than in women without endometriosis. Read the abstract here

World Health Organization reviews MedGyn Cryotherapy System for treatment of precancerous cervical lesions and prevention of cervical cancer.

2012 MedGyn participated in meeting with WHO, UNFPA, PATH and clinical experts to dicuss clinical recommendations in the use of cryosurgery for cervical cancer prevention. Read the abstract here

Mayor of Harare Meets Chicago’s Top Companies and Entrepreneurs

Thursday July 12, 2012 – For Immediate Press Release Mayor Masunda meets with Mr Lakshman Agadi, President & CEO of MedGyn Products in Addison, IllinoisThe Mayor of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, Muchadeyi Masunda was in Chicago on a business trip to meet with some of the leading companies and entrepreneurs in Illinois. This was a follow up to a trip to Chicago by the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai, in September, 2011. The mayor was also in Cincinnati, Ohio on the invitation of Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory for the Mayor’s Summit which brought together mayors from around the world. In his personal capacity, Mayor Masunda serves as Chairman of 12 highly successful African companies and organizations. These include Old Mutual Zimbabwe, John Sisk & Son Africa Group and Zimplats Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of Impala Platinum Holdings Limited – the world leading platinum mining company that is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. During the time he was in Chicago, Mayor Masunda met with Mr. James Reynolds, Chairman and CEO of Loop Capital Markets, the largest minority owned investment bank in the United States of America. Furthermore, Mayor Masunda met with senior management of AAR, a multibillion dollar aviation company based in Wooddale, Illinois. The mayor was hosted by AAR senior management that included Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Mr. Gary Hundley and Ms. Cheryle Jackson, Vice President of Government Affairs and Corporate Development. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss the business opportunities in Africa and identify how American based companies can penetrate these emerging markets whose growth has continued to outpace economies in the west. President and CEO of MedGyn, Mr. Lakshman Agadi, one of the largest manufacturer and distributor of superior quality medical supplies, instruments, and equipment has committed to explore the lucrative opportunities in the region. The mayor also made a courtesy visit to the Luster Products headquarters where he met with the company’s owners. Luster Products is currently working on a nationwide launch of the company’s goods in Zimbabwe that will be held in October. About Zimbabwe Trade & Cultural Expo The Zimbabwe Trade and Cultural Expo is an organization based in Chicago, Illinois whose primary focus is the creation of new markets, increased trade, investment opportunities and partnerships between Zimbabwean, American businesses, and international corporations. ZTCE provides a platform for investors and entrepreneurs to build long term and fruitful relationships with Zimbabwean corporations and other companies in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Comparative study reviews current literature addressing cryotherapy

April 2012A study in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine reviewed current literature addressing the technique, efficacy, safety and acceptability of cryotherapy. The review found cryotherapy to be very affordable and feasible to integrate into cervical cancer screening and treatment programs. Read the abstract here

Cervical cancer has been recognized as a serious and growing global health problem

More than 270,000 women die from cervical cancer every year. Though it affects women worldwide, more than 85% of these deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.* Progress is being made in vaccinating young women before they become sexually active. However, for women already affected, cryotherapy is widely accepted as a practical and effective method for treating cervical cancer precursors.** According to the World Health Organization, cryotherapy is appropriate for use in low-resource settings because it is effective, has limited side effects, does not require electricity, is inexpensive compared to other treatment options and is technically simple to administer. MedGyn’s trademarked Cryotherapy System was designed in conjunction with doctors and engineered by cryogenic experts to ensure the highest performance, safety and absolute convenience. Simplicity is the keyword of this system; it was designed for use without the need to remember or follow complicated instructions. *WHO Guidance Note: Comprehensive cervical cancer prevention and control: a healthier future for girls and women. World Health Organization, Geneva, 2013 **WHO Technical Specifications: Cryosurgical equipment for the treatment of precancerous cervical lesions and prevention of cervical cancer. World Health Organization, Geneva, 2012

Study investigates role of uterine natural killer cells and E-cadherin in implantation or recurrent abortion

July 2011 A study published in the Egyptian Journal of Pathology investigated the role of uterine natural killer cells and E-cadherin in human endometrium of nonpregnant women and of those with recurrent abortion to find out their role in implantation or recurrent abortion. Read the study here

Endosampler® samples significantly more endometrial tissue than Pipelle®, study finds

2011 A study comparing the adequacy of endometrial sampling by the Endosampler® and the Pipelle® showed that the Endosampler® collected more endometrium than the Pipelle®. This may well translate into a higher adequacy of specimen obtained by the Endosampler®, a joint venture between MedGyn and Lombard ILL®. Read the full article here

MedGyn curettes used in manual for women’s health procedures

Study finds MedGyn Cryotherapy System achieves appropriate freezing temperatures, while other devices display suboptimal performance

October 2010 A study comparing four cryotherapy devices found that the MedGyn Cryotherapy System achieved temperatures below –50 °C regardless of whether N2O, medical-grade CO2, or industrial-grade CO2 was used, while the performance of some other cryotherapy devices was suboptimal. Read the abstract here

Laminaria tents superior to oral misoprostol in priming cervix before operative hysteroscopy, study finds

September 2009 In a study published in the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, women who received laminaria tents as opposed to misoprostol for cervical priming before operative hysteroscopy were less likely to need cervical dilation and suffered fewer adverse effects. Read the abstract here

Study confirms validity of detection of endometrial nerve fibers as diagnostic test for endometriosis.

August 2009 An Australian study found that endometrial biopsy, with detection of nerve fibers, provided a reliability of diagnosis of endometriosis close to the accuracy of laparoscopic assessment by experienced gynecological laparoscopists. Read the study here.

Study finds endometrial biopsy combined with immunohistochemical staining for nerve fibers may be a reliable means of diagnosing or excluding endometriosis

June 2009 A study found that small nerve fibers were detected in all endometrial biopsies and curettings from the 20 women studied with endometriosis, but were not detected in endometrium taken from the 17 women without endometriosis. Read the study here

February 2009The paper concludes that pathological endometrial thickening can be found in many diseases and can lead to endometrial cancer, and that endometrium investigations should be encouraged in gynecological practice in women at high risk or those with pathological symptoms. Read the article here

Using model of ectopic pregnancy, study investigates endocrine effects of pregnancy on the endometrium

June 2008 The study found that the ectopic embryo has a significant impact, by an endocrine mechanism, on the endometrium when compared with the window of implantation. Read the abstract here

Study presents new colposcopic image calibration technique that standardizes the appearance of images

December 2006 A study by the International Society for Optical Engineering presents a novel image calibration technique for colposcopic images and demonstrates its applications in clinical studies. Read the study here

Cannula fracture during first trimester abortion not found to be associated with resterilization.

January 2003 A survey of National Abortion Federation members found that cannula resterilization did not significantly increase the likelihood of a fracture during a first trimester abortion Read the abstract here

Study finds thick tents most effective for dilating the cervix before abortions.

December 1995 A study comparing thick laminaria tents with two synthetic osmotic devices for softening and dilating the cervix before abortions found that all the decides provided safe cervical dilation and softening, but thick tents were most effective. Read the abstract here

Study evaluates Cell-Sweep as a cervical cytology sampling device

1994 A study comparing the Cell-Sweep and the Cytobrush and Ayre spatula found that though the proportion of smears lacking endocervical cells was statistically greater with the Cell-Sweep than with the Cytobrush/Ayre spatula, there was no difference in the rate of detection of atypical squamous cells and low grade SIL. The Cell-Sweep appeared to detect an increased number of high grade SILs. Read the abstract here


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