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“What I like about the MedGyn Endosampler is that you can get a decent endometrial biopsy with just one insertion into the uterine cavity after performing an outpatient hysteroscopy.”

-Dr. Elaine White, New Zealand


“In some cases we use endometrial stimulation called “local injury” during the second phase of the cycle previous to transferring (implanting) the egg in cases like “failure of implanting”. We had the opportunity to use your Endosampler with good results.”

-Dr. Luciano Gutierrez, Bolivia


“I’m in Myanmar and they are using the MedGyn Cryo guns that we recently donated. The units are working very well; I’m very impressed.”

-Dr. Jose Jeronimo, Myanmar


“For CureCervicalCancer.org’s numerous women’s healthcare missions to Africa and Latin America, my cryosurgical freezer of choice is the MedGyn MGC-200. The MedGyn MGC-200 provides the consistently superior freeze and instant defrost needed to treat cervical cancer precursors. Working with the staff at MedGyn has always been a pleasant, efficient, and professional experience. When CureCervicalCancer.org first started, we had dozens of technical questions. MedGyn was always promptly available to guide us through these challenges. Whether it was which adapter for which country, cryotip size recommendations, safety, or utilization of CO2 or NO2 tanks, the MedGyn team was there to help us every step of the way.”

-Dr. Patricia Gordon, Beverly Hills Cancer Center and Cure Cervical Cancer, Beverly Hills, California


“It is of my pleasure to use your endosampler in my practice. It gives good results with less side effects, and less cost to the patient. Thanks a lot.”

-Dr. Hayam Fathy, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt


From the letter – “I am sending this MedGyn Cryoprobe to see if it can be calibrated. It worked well for about 28 years. Now it seems to work but slower thaw…”

-Douglas Wigton DO, Shepherd of Hope Clinic, Traverse City, Michigan


“The Audrey Hepburn Childrens House medical staff has had the opportunity to purchase and operate the MedGyn AL-106 digital video colposcope with imagining system. The AL-106 model is compact and lightweight. These features allows for better instrument manageability and maneuverability when compared to other cumbersome and heavier colposcopes. The resolution of the images generated by the AL-106 far surpasses those obtained by other models. Due to the AL-106 model’s enhanced resolution, greater magnification and superior picture quality the caliber of anatomical detailed observed results in an easier differential diagnostic process. The mechanical functions of the AL-106 are user friendly and fingertips ready. Most of our younger patients appear less apprehensive towards this model’s slimline appearance in contrast to our older bulkier colposcope. This readier acceptance translates into a more fluid examination process. Overall the AL-106 model has been readily accepted by our staff. We are still processing the vast capabilities of the accompanying software.”

-Paulett Diah MD, FAAP, Child Protection Pediatrician, Audrey Hepburn Children’s House, Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack, New Jersey


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