Disposables MedGyn manufactures and distributes superior quality disposable medical supplies and instruments to satisfy the needs of the leading Obstetrics and Gynecological medical professionals.


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  • MedGyn Endosampler

    MedGyn Endosampler

    Utilized for sampling of endometrial tissue. The unique design of the MedGyn Endosampler allows for superior accuracy and a more reliable sample than traditional endometrial sample devices.

  • MedGyn Aspiration Kit Double Valve

    MedGyn Aspiration Kit Double Valve

    The MedGyn Aspiration Kit Double Valve is indicated for uterine aspiration and evacuation in obstetric and gynecological procedures.

  • MedGyn Pipette

    MedGyn Pipette

    The MedGyn Pipette is a simple and quick way to obtain reliable endometrial tissue samples.

  • MedGyn Pipette IV (Four Hole)

    MedGyn Pipette IV (Four Hole)

    Available in the standard single hole, Mini version or new 4-Hole design.

  • MedGyn Laminaria

    MedGyn Laminaria

    Laminaria is a 100% natural cervical dilator made from a sea-grown plant containing no synthetic materials.

  • MedGyn Rigid Curved Curettes

    MedGyn Rigid Curved Curettes

    MedGyn offers the most complete line of high-quality disposable vacuum curettes in the industry.

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