Accessories for MedGyn’s ES Electrosurgery Generator Series

Short Description

The Accessories for MedGyn ES Electrosurgical Generator Series include various disposable electrodes, disposable needles, handswitch pencils, and grounding pads.

Additional Product Information
Accessories include:

  • Disposable Electrodes
  • Disposable Needle
  • Handswitch Pencils (Reusable or Disposable)
  • Grounding Pad

028053Disposable Needle 5mm (5/pk)
028030 Disposable Handswitch Pencil (single use)
028032 Reusable Handswitch Pencil
028033 Grounding Pad

028041 Disposable Ball Electrode 3mm Ball
028042 Disposable Ball Electrode 5mm Ball

028081 Disposable Blade Electrode

028057 Loop 15mm x 5mm Loop (5/pk)
028087 Loop 15mm x 7mm Loop (5/pk)
028058 Loop 15mm x 8mm Loop (5/pk)
028068 Loop 15mm x 10mm Loop
028078 Loop 15mmx12mm (5/pk)
028076 Loop 15mmx13mm Loop (5/pk)
028059 Loop 15mm x 15mm Loop (5/pk)
028060 Loop 20mm x 8mm Loop (5/pk)
028063 Loop 20mm x 10mm Loop (5/pk)
028061 Loop 20mm x 12mm Loop (5/pk)
028062 Loop 20mm x 13mm Loop (5/pk)
028064 Loop 20mm x 15mm Loop (5/pk)
028065 Loop 20mm x 20mm Loop (5/pk)
028066 Loop 25mm x 10mm Loop (5/pk)
028077 Loop 25mmx15mm (5/pk)

028075 Disposable Square Loop Electrode 5mm x 5mm
028086 Disposable Square Loop Electrode 7mmx15mm
028085 Disposable Square Loop Electrode 15mmx7mm
028072 Disposable Square Loop Electrode 10mm x 4mm
028073 Disposable Square Loop Electrode 10mm x 8mm
028074 Disposable Square Loop Electrode 10mm x 10mm


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