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  • MedGyn ES100-TS Electrosurgical Generator

    MedGyn ES100-TS Electrosurgical Generator

    The MedGyn ES-100TS Electrosurgical Generator meets all the demands for LEEP/LLETZ
    procedures with ease of use for the operator due to the touchscreen of the device.

  • MedGyn ES Electrosurgical Generator Series (Export Only)

    MedGyn ES Electrosurgical Generator Series (Export Only)

    The MedGyn ES Electrosurgical Generator Series meets all the demands of an LEEP/LLETZ procedure.

  • MedGyn Smoke Evacuator System

    MedGyn Smoke Evacuator System

    Smoke filtration systems minimize airborne microbes and viruses while removing smoke from site for improved visualization. For use during all electrosurgical procedures.

  • Bovie 950 Electrosurgical Generator

    Bovie 950 Electrosurgical Generator

    The 950 unit is the first High-Frequency Desiccator with Cut. It features Cut, Blend and Coagulation (60 watts each), Fulguration/ Desiccation (35 watts) and Bipolar (30 watts) modes with six presets.

  • 950-G Electrosurgical System

    950-G Electrosurgical System

    Total system solution combines electrosurgery unit with smoke evacuator and mobile stand to produce a compact mobile system for an office or hospital environment.

  • Bovie 1250 Electrosurgical Generator

    Bovie 1250 Electrosurgical Generator

    The 1250 Unit features Cut (120 watts), Blend (90 watts), Coagulation (Coag 80 watts, Fulguration 40 watts) and Bipolar (30 watts) modes.

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