MedGyn Smoke Evacuator System

Short Description

Smoke filtration systems minimize airborne microbes and viruses while removing smoke from site for improved visualization. For use during all electrosurgical procedures.

Additional Product Information

018100 MedGyn Smoke Evacuator System (110v) (Includes smoke evacuator filter, tube, and reducer fitting)

  • Smoke evacuator filter
  • Smoke evacuator tube
  • Reducer fitting

  • 018109M MedGyn Smoke Evacuator SA-01 (Premier Type) (220v) (includes smoke evacuator filter, tube, and reducer fitting)

    Stackhouse and Premier Smoke Evacuator Accessories
    018101 Smoke Filter Tube - Stackhouse (3/bx)
    018102 Charcoal Filter - Stackhouse (3/bx)
    018105 Smoke Filter Tube - For MedGyn Smoke Evacuator (110v or 220v)
    018106 Disposable Smoke Evacuator (DSE) Male tubing 8" (Non-Sterile)


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